Keep toothbrushes away from the toilet

Every time you flush the toilet, fine droplets of toilet water are propelled into the air. These droplets can remain in the air for up to 2 hours. They then settle onto different surfaces, which can include your toothbrush. Try to flush the toilet with the lid closed and store your toothbrushes as far from your toilet as possible

Keep the area clean

Regularly clean your toothbrush holder and cover with soap and water. Use disposable wipes to wipe down wall-mounted toothbrush holders, cups, and stands. Regularly wipe down your bathroom countertop and sink. This will remove any saliva droplets and excess toothpaste

Don’t share a toothbrush

You might regularly share utensils and food with your family members, but you shouldn’t share a toothbrush. Experts say this is because brushing may sometimes cause gums to bleed. This means that sharing a toothbrush could expose you to diseases spread through contact with blood.

Every member of your household should have a different-colored toothbrush that’s easily identifiable. This will keep you from accidentally using someone else’s

Socially distance your toothbrushes

If you share a bathroom with others in your household, don’t put your toothbrushes together in a common toothbrush holder or drawer. It’s best to keep toothbrushes several inches apart