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    We clean and sanitize tooth products which we call Gizmo. A smile gizmo cleans all types of tooth products. A more detailed list is provided in the product description

    The easiest way to ship your gizmo is to use your own mailbox: –

    • Our customers are provided with USPS labels in order to utilize our service. A customer simply needs to put the label on the box and put the gizmo inside

    • Next, the customer should drop the box in the mailbox

    • USPS postman will collect the box and ship the gizmo to us

    We have professional staff who thoroughly clean and properly sanitize all your gizmo’s. We also have high-tech equipment that our professionals use for cleaning. More information is available on the How it works page. You can have a look

    Smile Gizmo offers a yearly subscription that is divided into quaters. The benefits are listed in each subscription, and once a subscription has been purchased, it cannot be refunded

    Yes, we offer drop off and pick up in our Antioch clinic. The address is 2225 Buchanan Road Suite A Antioch CA 94509 and we are open from 8am to 7:30pm. All the gizmo will be clean within an hour

    • Add gizmo to your cart

    • Go to the checkout page where you will see your coupon if you having a subscription

    • Add the coupon code and you are done